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3 Text Templates You Need To Make ASAP! Plus A Bonus Template

Save Time, Increase Accuracy, Keep Those Bays Full

When you use text templates, you save time, increase accuracy, and keep the bays full. That sounds like a lot to get out of a text message and templates. However, of the many steps you take daily to keep your automotive repair shop running, templates are commonly overlooked.

Avoid typing the same message over and over with a few clicks. Click the “share” button, then text, and then the template you want sent out. The system will fill in the customer’s name, vehicle, date of appointment, revision name and revision amount for you. Those are just a few of the parameters you can have the system autofill in the text template.

With templates, you say the same thing, the same way, every time. If you have a disclaimer that you want worded the same way 100% of the time to avoid confusion or for the CYA of it; a template is the best way to get that done.

Lastly, a template requesting a call back will have your phone ringing much quicker than calling and going to voicemail. Tip: Text the link to the inspection, email/text the estimate and give your customer time to review it with a few text messages. (Did I mention you could even do text-to-pay!)

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it always… give your Local Mitchell1 Rep a call to get started with texting.

3 Text Templates Video

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(You can copy and paste these, but the “{parameters}” will need to be dragged in)

Your Business Info

Our info is {Business Name}, {Business Phone},{Business Email}. Please save this to your phone.

Call Us Back

{Customer name} please call us back at {shop phone} to discuss the inspection results of your {make} {model}. {shop name}

Your Vehicle Is Ready

{customer name} your {make} {model} is ready at {shop name}. Please call us at {shop phone} or text us back here to make pick up arrangements.

Plus, Bonus Template

Your {make} {model} is scheduled for {appointment start date] at {shop name}. Please let us know if you can make it or would like to reschedule.

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