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Backgrounds To Help You Organize Your Computer’s Desktop

A Simple Way To Clean Up Your Computer’s Desktop

Let’s face it, we are always downloading and opening files without spending enough time to organize them. Well with these FREE desktop backgrounds you will be able to have a stylish desktop background and easily organize your computer’s desktop. Take a few minutes today to find the background you like and save it as your desktop.

Scroll to the bottom to see all options and to download one.

How do I Add It To My Desktop Background?

Take a look at these steps:

Part 1

  • Choose the background you want from this page
  • Right-click with your mouse
  • Save it to a place you can easily find (downloads, desktop, etc)
Right click on the image you want to save to your desktop background.

Part 2

  • Then right-click on your desktop
  • Choose “Personalize” (Windows 10)
  • Then choose: Picture, then browse for the image
  • Then find the folder you saved it in (in part 1), then select it
  • Then minimize everything and you’ll see the desktop.
how to change your desktop background, using right-click.
change desktop background
Use these steps to find your desktop background image you would to have.
steps to choose desktop background
Find the desktop background you saved from the folder you saved it in.
Choose the image from files

Desktop Backgrounds

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