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How To Use and Send Text Campaigns

Every shop has a percentage of customers who want to know about any promotions or events you offer. This video will show you how to sign them up.

What Are Text Campaigns?

Text Campaigns are specific to sending a promotional offer to your customer through a text message. With the Mitchell1 text campaigns through Social CRM you can feel confident you won’t violate any FCC regulations when text marketing your customers. You can use 2 way text messages to get consent and/or update your customer with information about their vehicle when it’s in the shop. Text campaigns are a great way to bring your customer back when they do not have a reason.

How To Get Consent

The integration from Manager Se and Social CRM allows you to get consent with a few clicks. When in the Manager Se, click the “Social CRM Details” button and then click “Send Consent Email” to your customer. After that, your customer opens the email and clicks subscribe. I recommend you offer promotional signs up when the customer is standing at the counter. When a customer is at the counter, they are more likely to sign up.

How To Create & Send/Schedule A Text Campaign

You’ll need to log in to your Social CRM dashboard, select Campaigns and start from there. The video below will walk you through the filters and how to use the tool in more detail.

How Can I Get It?

Reach out to your Local Mitchell1 Rep to get signed up for Social CRM or Message Center.

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