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Maintenance Module Increase Profits and Save Time

Become familiar with the Maintenance Module inside your Manager SE and ProDemand. As I visit shops, I find service writers and technicians are not familiar with the Maintenance Module and therefore are missing out on higher profit R.O.s.

You will be able to see what are the O.E. needs based on the indicator light, vehicle mileage, and time. When a car pulls into the shop for a simple indicator light, if you just do an oil change and reset it, you are missing out on profits and your customer’s vehicle is probably missing out on proper maintenance. You can also check vehicles needs based on the current mileage or time. Instead of developing your own 30,60,90K services, use the mileage option to offer a more accurate maintenance service. Either the mileage or the time options can and should be looked at to ensure you are offering the proper service to your customers and making the proper sales/profits on each R.O.

After you offer these options, you can then easily print the list of needs for your technician and for your customer. This way you can ensure all that you sold is performed and your customer will know that your repair shop offers more than a basic oil change.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about the maintenance module that comes with your ProDemand and Manager SE subscription.

estimator main fluids screen shot 7 6 21
Click the maintenance button in Manager SE
maintenance indicator mileage screen shot 7 6 21
Your options inside ProDemand

Maintenance Module Video

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