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Profit Snapshot

Knowing your profit on each repair order will help you keep your auto repair shop profits high. To ensure it works properly, you will need to assign a few costs ahead of time. Once you have it going, you will simply press “F12” on your keyboard and the profit snapshot will open up.

As an automotive shop owner, ensuring that your invoices are profitable is crucial for the success of your business. One effective way to achieve this is by utilizing the profit snapshot feature in Manager SE.

The profit snapshot in Manager SE provides you with an overview of the profitability of each invoice. It allows you to analyze the costs associated with parts, labor, and other expenses, helping you identify areas where you can increase profitability.

By using the profit snapshot, you can easily track the cost of parts used in each repair job. This enables you to compare the cost of parts to the price charged to the customer, ensuring that you are making a reasonable profit margin on parts sales.

Additionally, the profit snapshot helps you monitor the labor costs associated with each invoice. You can review the time spent on each repair job and compare it to the labor charges. This allows you to ensure that you are charging appropriately for the labor provided, maximizing your profitability.

Overall, utilizing the profit snapshot in Manager SE empowers you to make data-driven decisions that enhance the profitability of your invoices. It provides valuable insights into the costs associated with each repair job, allowing you to optimize pricing strategies and maximize your profits.

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