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Set A Flag For Customers

There are reasons to “set a flag” for when a customer visits your auto repair shop. Firstly, alerts can help improve customer service by ensuring that staff members are promptly alerting about a unique need for that customer. This allows them to greet the customer appropriately and provide special assistance. By setting a flag, you can minimize confusion and create a positive 2nd and 3rd impression for your customers.

Alerts can enhance efficiency and streamline operations within your auto repair shop. When a customer arrives, a flag will remind your service writer about a customer’s specific choice of technician or specific services requested. This helps ensure that the necessary equipment and resources are prepared ahead of time, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. When you set a flag, you’ll minimize miscommunication with your customer’s individual preferences.

When you select a customer, a notice will pop up showing what you typed.

Click on the “set flag” button. Then type in your message. Then any time that customer comes in you and your service writer(s) will see that message.

set a flag ss 1
set a flag in mitchell1 manager se

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