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Running a successful automotive repair shop

Owning and operating a prosperous auto repair shop is the goal of many people who are passionate about cars all around the world. Car repair is a hobby for a lot of people, and as a direct consequence, a lot of firms established themselves because of this hobby. The difficulty of owning and operating a […]

Improving customer service in the auto repair industry

In the business of car repair, keeping these tips thing in mind can help you provide better service at your shop and attract more customers: 1. Make a favorable first impression. Clients from the automotive industry who come into your store complaining about problems with their vehicles are often not happy to be there.  It’s […]

Can digital vehicle inspection improve your customers’ auto repair experience?

An example of a typical situation involving car inspections using paper forms The customer brings the car in for service and discusses the problems with the service advisor. This representative shares this information with the technician who does the necessary inspections and explains the remedies on paper. This piece of paper is then given to […]

This is why your company should switch to digital inspections

Before beginning any kind of work on a car, it is necessary to perform a comprehensive inspection. However, the clients almost invariably have issues with the manner the procedure is carried out. As a result, the customers’ needs would be adequately met if they were informed of the entire process and all the aspects that […]

How to run a successful automotive repair shop

Provide regular discounts in order to bring in new clients. When launching a new business, it is common practice for proprietors of small businesses and even of larger body repair shops to provide discounts in an effort to increase their level of activity. We recommend that you occasionally offer a discount on your services or […]

Why does your business need digital vehicle inspections?

Not only can digital vehicle inspections make things simpler for consumers, service advisers, and owners, but they also directly benefit mechanics in a number of significant ways. Miscommunication or a lapse in communication between the shop and the customer, as well as between the service desk and the repair bay, may be a source of […]

What is a digital inspection?

The main idea here is that, in general, the vast majority of people prefer to use digital media and digital tools since they can save time, money, and paper in the process. When we consider the field of auto maintenance in particular, we see that there are even more options to go paperless beyond simple […]

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