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Intro To ProDemand by Mitchell1

If you are new to ProDemand, give this short video a watch. It will show you some of the basics for navigating ProDemand. Next Video Sure Track

SureTrack in ProDemand by Mitchell1

Learn the different ways you can use SureTrack by Mitchell1 in ProDemand to repair your customers vehicles faster. This video shows the different spots within Prodemand you can find and use SureTrack. Next Video Wiring Diagrams Use

Quick Ribbon in ProDemand by Mitchell1

The quick ribbon inside the ProDemand will save you time and aggravation. Instead of searching through the service manual, become familiar with the Quick Ribbon instead. Next Video Maintenance Module

Maintenance Module in ProDemand by Mitchell1

An overlooked feature in ProDemand is the maintenance module. This will help any shop increase profits by showing the shop and the shop’s customers what maintenance is needed at the mileage, time, or indicator light. The service writer can also see how much to charge for it as well. Next Video Service Manual

Service Manual in ProDemand by Mitchell1

While you should get used to using the Quick Ribbon and Sure Track in Prodemand. There will be times when you need to simply look through the “books”. This will walk you through how to use the Service Manual. Next Video Printing Functions & Tips

Estimate Guide In ProDemand by Mitchell1

No more guessing how much time to bill for a repair. Ensure your auto repair shop charges enough per repair to make profits. This video will show you how to use the estimating guide in the ProDemand to create estimates and look up labor times. Next Video Intro To ProDemand

Wiring Diagram Use Prodemand Video Training

Learn how to use the wiring diagram features and benefits. Unfortunately, I still run into shops whose technicians are not using this time saving feature of Prodemand. If you are the service writer or owner, please watch and share this with your shop’s technicians. Within the wiring diagram your technician can click and see the […]

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