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Supercharge your marketing strategy with text message campaigns

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This feature will help improve your shop’s marketing success by giving you the power to create personalized on-the-fly marketing text messages — with just a few clicks from your SocialCRM dashboard. Texting is one of the leading forms of communication today, and will not only help increase your customer engagement but also separate your shop from the competition.

Did you know that text marketing requires documented prior consent from your customers? Not to worry, we have you covered! This feature includes an automated email process to obtain documented opt-in consent from your customers. You’ll have the advantage of being able to text your customers with personalized marketing messages, and peace of mind knowing that you’re doing it the right way!           

Here’s what’s included:

o SocialCRM Text Campaigns module
o Automated and manual texting consent emails
o Pre-set text campaign templates
o Highly personalized messages to custom solicitation lists
o Text message preview and sample text verification
o Pre-scheduled text campaigns up to one week in the future 
o Real-time shop notifications of text responses 
o Real-time shop notifications when new subscribers consent

Now is the time to engage your customers with personalized text messages and kick off your 2022 marketing efforts with the power of SocialCRM Texting Campaigns.

To get started, contact your Local ISC TODAY – they’re ready to help you set up your texting campaigns!

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