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This is why your company should switch to digital inspections

Before beginning any kind of work on a car, it is necessary to perform a comprehensive inspection. However, the clients almost invariably have issues with the manner the procedure is carried out.

As a result, the customers’ needs would be adequately met if they were informed of the entire process and all the aspects that were relevant to their vehicle.

The customer’s awareness of the vehicle’s condition can be quickly and effectively brought to their attention by a digital vehicle inspection.

They will have a better understanding of what need to be repaired.

Through digital vehicle inspection, you have the opportunity to cultivate a direct contact with your clients as all pertinent information pertaining to the inspection process will be made available to the customers on their mobile phones.

Due to the above-mentioned benefits, find and use a quality digital inspection software that meets all of your requirements.

Images and Videos

During the course of the inspection, one of your trained professionals will be capturing several photographs and videos of the vehicle.

You will be able to view the world through the eyes of the mechanic because of the excellent quality of the photographs.

When the customers vehicle does have a need, the accompanying photos or videos will help. Sending the pictures and videos in an inspection will put more faith your shop and technician.


Since not all shops are the same, you are able to create multiple inspections. Each inspection can be customized to match your shop’s goals.

This means you can create a 5 points, 15 point or 100+ point inspection. Some shops create their AAA inspections in the software. While others will create one for a pre-purchase, vacation safety or just an easy one go with each service.

Communication That Is Unfiltered

Your customer no longer needs to revisit the shop to see the repair or service their vehicle needs. The inspection shows them exactly what their vehicle needs.

You can email or text them a link to review the inspection. Then when done, you an email or text a link to view the estimate as well.

Potential for Increased Upselling

The majority of service advisers despise having to contact customers regarding significant repairs, particularly ones that don’t appear to be “essential” because the vehicle is still operational and may continue to operate for a considerable amount of time.

A digital vehicle inspection can help the service advisor increase their chances of getting the customer to say “yes” to additional services that, while not directly related to the reason the customer came into your shop in the first place, will help ensure the customer’s safety and peace of mind while they are driving their vehicle.

Sending the inspection report to the customer just before phoning them gives them time to process the information, think about the reasons why it was determined that way, and get over the first shock of seeing the price.

Imagine how powerful it could be to show the client the problem with their car, or what a particular item should look like in comparison to what it actually looks like.

Digital Vehicle Inspection Tools

The inspection process is being digitized by an increasing number of businesses all over the world. This trend is becoming increasingly widespread. It’s common knowledge that people are fascinated by various forms of technology. In the realm of automobile maintenance and repair, nothing is different.

Not only are businesses making the transition, but millennials and younger drivers are increasingly becoming the demographic with the most drivers on the road. Shops are also making the changeover.

There are a variety of digital vehicle inspection software’s available on the market today, and the management software that you use for your automotive business might already have this functionality built in.

These younger drivers want service repairs just like drivers from previous generations, but they are looking for shops that “speak their language” and genuinely comprehend them.

This generation is quite sophisticated when it comes to social media and technology, and they have been waiting for the automobile industry to catch up to them in the 21st century.

By using this technology:

  • You will have a much better chance of educating these new drivers if you use digital inspections.
  • You would be able to directly incorporate photographs and videos into your inspection reports.
  • You can then email or text the report directly to your customer’s mobile devices after your technicians have finished an inspection for you.

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