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Using Symptoms To Increase Profits

As I visit shops, I see service writers type the same message over and over for a diagnostic request. Another thing I often see, is the front office person asking how much do we charge for X. Either of these scenarios take time and cause confusion. A solution that you already have in your Manager SE is to use Symptoms button.

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Increase Shop Profits

You can increase profits by remembering to charge for testing time related to a diagnostic. Offering to pull a code real quick might not cost you much, but forgetting to charge for the time you or your technician put into testing costs you. When you enter your symptoms in the Manager Se, you then create a menu pricing that charges the correct amount each time.

Is Faster

After you set your menu pricing for symptoms, you and your team then choose from a list of symptoms. Since the information is already entered when you create the symptom, you will not need to type the same message over and over in the labor line for the diagnostic. This leads to checking in customers quicker, which both you and your customer will appreciate. You’ll be able to write up a diagnostic estimate in under a minute with accuracy each time.

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Same Message Every Time

While it might not seem like much, you do have to think each time you type up the same thing over and over. This could simply be recalling the way you worded it last time. You also eliminate having 4 or 5 different ways to say the same thing. When you hand your technician a Technician Worksheet, they’ll see the same diagnostic and get used to it.

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Seriously, Increase To Profits Is A Great Idea

Without having to increase your bill, you can start using symptoms today. Increasing profits by simply charging the right amount for a diagnostic could afford your shop that next software you wanted, such as texting, appointment reminders, a shop website or maybe that next scan tool.

Video Of Symptoms

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