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Why does your business need digital vehicle inspections?

Not only can digital vehicle inspections make things simpler for consumers, service advisers, and owners, but they also directly benefit mechanics in a number of significant ways.

Miscommunication or a lapse in communication between the shop and the customer, as well as between the service desk and the repair bay, may be a source of frustration for many technicians and can wreak havoc on the business.

As the frustration mounts, you may have the impression that you are unable to perform tasks to the best of your capacity.

You may avoid many delays and blockages, which results in an improved overall workflow experience, by introducing digital vehicle inspections. This will allow you to automate many procedures, minimize the amount of extra work that needs to be done, and increase efficiency.

The advantages of using apps for vehicle inspections

Real-time tracking is a feature that can be provided by a mobile app, which is a feature that is particularly important to increase efficiency in your shop. You will be able to see how far along the tech is with the inspection and keep your customer informed as needed.

Send individualized reports of the inspections to your customers.

Once your technician has completed the inspection, your service advisor can review it and then create recommendations. Once these are done, with a few clicks, send the information to your customer.

Producing the evidence that the service was provided.

When working with a new client or one who has been to your shop for years, showing the images of the work needed will build trust. This also helps your customer make decision faster and easier since they will have peace of mind that the parts you recommend do need to be replaced.

Design an inspection that is best for your shop’s goals.

You get to customize and create multiple inspections. This means you can create inspections the work best for your shop. You can choose what you want to inspect and customize the inspection to match. Additionally, you could create an inspection for a specific purpose, such as a AAA, pre-purchase inspection etc.

How exactly can a DVI benefit my automotive service center?

Customers all too frequently disregard proposed fixes because they are unable to comprehend the concept that getting one step ahead of potential issues keeps those issues from arising in the future.

Your auto techs have the responsibility of convincing clients that the recommendations they make are sound and will prevent future harm to the customer’s vehicle rather than putting the vehicle in danger.

Your staff will have an easier time explaining to consumers exactly what is wrong with their vehicle when using a DVI because the inspection will provide clear images and video of the problem areas.

The customer will be able to view what the problem is with their vehicle via the eyes of the technician who is working on it.

When the customer is able to see and understand fully what is faulty with their car and why a repair is required to prevent a worse problem, they will be more receptive to approving the additional work that has to be done on their vehicle.

This reassures them that they made the right decision to do business with you and gives them further peace of mind while they are driving.

Safety should always be your top priority, and it should be for your clients as well, particularly those who have families to watch out for. Your auto repair company ought to take great pride in ensuring the well-being of their customers and their family, and a DVI gives them the finest opportunity to fulfill this obligation.

Every vehicle that enters your auto repair shop most certainly undergoes a thorough inspection.

However, if they are still writing their notes on a sheet of paper and delivering them to a service tech crumpled and covered in grease stains, then you are wasting an opportunity to wow the customer and possibly even make a larger sale.

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