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1st Mile

Integrate your payment process into your Manager SE.

Capture more sales by offering extended financing.

1st Mile

1st Mile payments is the way to get the best out of your payment process. We offer integrated text-to-pay, text-to-finance and integration with Manager SE, so you can easily keep track of all transactions.

Our payment approaches are secure and efficient from end-to-end with superior data protection. With 1st Mile, you can rest assured that each payment will be managed with confidence and accuracy for faster results and more success in business.

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Extended Financing

Stop turning away profitable orders and offer your customer extended financing. Your customers will be able to get their vehicle fixed with not risk to your shop.

Manager SE Integration

When it is time to collect payment, you will select Epay and accept payment and capture the signature all in one step. Saving your shop time and minimizing time wasting steps.


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We’ve all had the situation where you can’t reach the customer and you want to finish the repair to get that car off the lift and onto the next one? Or you have a customer that gives unclear communication on what they are approving. Text to Authorize is a simple tool that is integrated into your Mitchell 1 Manager program- it sends your customer an actual copy of the work order/estimate via text to get signature authorization for approval. Both you and your customer have a copy of this for reference.

We partner with 1stMILE to provide you with fully integrated processing into your Mitchell 1 Manager program, so you do not have to rekey anything. It also allows an electronic signature for payment to be captured on the invoice, so you no longer need thermal receipt.

Text to Pay is a simple tool that is integrated into your Mitchell 1 Manager program- it sends your customer a pay link via text so they can pay remotely. The best part about it is the customer pays the processing fee and you don’t have to stay late.

Text to Apply allows your customer to apply for financing without you becoming a bank or having to take personal information from your customer. You get paid next day; the customer makes payments to the bank. You can send your customer a link or they can initiate it themselves. The customer is responsible for inputting their personal information and we have a 90% approval rating because we have secondary and even tertiary lenders with one application.

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