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Bolt On Digital Inspections

Customers want to be informed of their decisions when making a purchase.

With digital inspections you can provide that knowledge, save time on the phone and see an increase in your Average Repair Order Dollars.

how it helps

Provide a Clear "picture" of the vehicle’s needs.

Your auto repair shop will appreciate all the benefits of adding Digital Inspections. Showing your customer the immediate, urgent, and future needs all in one place with pictures or videos will increase trust, save time on the phone, and grow your shop profits.

Digital Inspections Features & Benefits

Pictures Pictures Pictures

A picture is worth a 1000 words! A completed inspection with pictures will increase your Average Dollar per Invoice.

Get It Right The Frist Time

When checking vehicles in, you will add customer, vehicle, mileage, and issues all in the parking lot. When you open the Manager SE, the estimate will be ready for you.

Increase Repair Order $

You probably text your customers photos of the problem now. However, you are missing out on increasing your R.O $ if you do not send the completed inspection at the same time you send the problem photo.

Draw On Pictures

Make it clear by circling or drawing an arrow to the problem in each picture. Your customer will appreciate knowing exactly what to look at in each photo.

Email & Text Inspections

Easily send a completed inspection to your customer through Email or Text. The customer can easily view all that is urgent or a future need.

Increase Customer Trust

From a first-time customer to a long time customer, providing pictures or videos will increase trust. Gaining customer trust leads to long time customers and more shop referrals.

Texting Features & Benefits

2-way text

Your repair shop will be able to send and receive text messages from your customer.

Document conversations

If your local agency (B.A.R) requires your auto repair shop document approvals, a text message is a great way to do that. All text conversations are saved to review at any time.

Appointment Reminders

Bring customers back more often with an automatic text message reminding them of a scheduled appointment or when their next oil change is due.

Templated messages

No need to type the same message over and over. With a few clicks the message will fill in your customers details (name, vehicle, etc.) and then you can simply click send. Saving your auto repair shop valuable time.

Reduce phone calls

For those customers who simply want to know “how much is it?” so they can get on with their day, send a text. You can explain the details as needed, but get those parts ordered and free up that bay.

Stop leaving voicemails

Tired of your customer not realizing it is your shop calling them? Customers do not always have time to answer a phone call or listen to a voicemail. Send a text.

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