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Social CRM

Customers appreciate gentle reminders and updates from companies they do business with.

For those shops looking to stay connected with THEIR customers more often, Social CRM will help.

how it helps

Bring back your existing customers more often.

You need to communicate with our customers. Doctors and dentists send appointment reminders as well as reach when you have not been there in a while and you are in the same position as them. Reaching out to your customers lets them know your still there and ready to repair and maintain their vehicles. Your customers have so much going on and a gentle reminder about their vehicle will make their life much easier. 

Increase Visits

They are your customers, you earned them and now with our help you can bring them back. With gentle email/text reminders you will see them coming back to your shop more often.

Whose getting contacted

Login to your dashboard and see which customers you can reach out to. Lost customers, recommended work, and more.

Automated e-mails

Thanks you emails, "How was our service", Lost customer, OE maintenance schedule, recommended work.

Automated appointment text reminder

Your customers will receive a text message up to 10 days in advance. NEW, now you can send text campaigns.

Accept online appointments

You set the pre-approved windows and then your customers choose from those.

Dedicated agent support

Someone you can call when you need help with your reports and more. Your agent will discuss results, ideas, and send out email blasts for you.

Independent Sales Contractor (ISC) Make The difference

we work together to find the best solution

a Complete Marketing Package
Bring them in and bring them back

Automated Text & Email Marketing



Search Engine Optimized Website



Pay Per Click



Website Layout Options.

If you see the “AD” image in a Google search, that means they are paying per click.

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