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Digital Inspection Options

Digital Vehicle Inspections Make the Process Easy & Effective 

Paper vehicle inspections are so last year. Quite literally. We all know the dread of spending far too much time at the auto repair shop waiting on our vehicle to be inspected. That is exactly why the shift to digital has been a real gamechanger in the auto repair industry. Trust us, it is a win-win for your shop and your customers. 

We specialize in providing you with the software and steps needed to thrive in the world of digital inspections. Deciding on which auto repair shop to count on for virtually reliable answers to their auto problems will no longer be a question for prospective clients! The way we do digital inspections saves time and skyrockets trust.

Wondering what the perks of digital inspections are? Let’s dive in…

how it helps

Providing a Clearer Picture Gives Clients a Clearer Reason to Come Back

Our digital inspection options differ slightly in what they have to offer. However, the quality and commitment to your shop remain constant. This tool will allow your shop to communicate with clients in a way you have never been able to before. Your A verage 

Repair Order Dollars will go through the roof and your shop will be wondering where this option has been all this time. So, what are you waiting for?

Here is what you can expect…

Pictures That Can Be Counted On

When motorists look at their completed inspection through a set of pictures, their confidence in what your shop is doing to help them will skyrocket. A picture really is worth a thousand words... and then some.

No Need For Second Chances

Customer intake as soon as they pull into the parking lot makes life easier for every party involved! Logging their contact, vehicle, mileage, and issue information on the spot guarantees mistakes are not made. The estimate will be waiting for you when you open up the Manager SE!

Customer Trust That Will Last

Strong relationships rooted in trust are key for running a successful shop long term. Think of pictures and videos as evidence of your high-quality work. Seeing it visually is a major trust boost for clients. Whether they are long-term or short-term, everything counts.

Make Your Own Mark

People who are not involved in the auto industry could be lost when it comes to looking at a photo of a car engine. They might be thinking “um, what am I supposed to be noticing.” To avoid that confusion we make it possible for you to circle, add notes, and draw all over the picture you take. Trust us, your customer will appreciate knowing exactly what to look at in each photo.

Boost Your Shop’s Repair Order Price

Texting your customer’s photos of the problem now has you missing out on increasing your Repair Order Price. Sending the completed inspection at the same time you send the current problem's photo is so important to boosting that price!

Customer Convenience Via Email & SMS

We all have our phones glued to our sides these days. Having your completed inspection sent straight to your client’s email and text inbox couldn’t be more convenient. It makes viewing it at the moment or in the future easy as can be.

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Digital Inpsection Options


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