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Are you ready for your auto repair shop to stand out? Google search results can be overwhelming. We have all been there. That is why creating a concrete web presence amongst the clutter of other services can make the world of a difference between the success of you and your competitors. That is exactly where Mitchell1 comes into play.

We specialize in creating high converting and high-quality traffic through Google Ads tailored to your 
unique shop. Deciding on which auto repair shop to count on will no longer be a question for prospective clients. Word of mouth can only take them so far. So, let us help you take them all the way to you.

Wondering how Google Ads can help? Let’s get into it…
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Make Your Shop Everyone’s Top Pick

The auto repair industry is a competitive one. That is why getting your business at the top of your potential client’s search results is a key element to your success. With Mitchell1, your shop will be front and center in no time. We create Google Ads that highlight your shop in its best light. Your auto repair shop is unique, and we want people to know it.

Here is what you can count on us for…

Ad creation & customization

You can count on your Mitchell1 agent to create Google Ads in the direction you desire. You know what type of work you want more of so let us create the perfect ads for your needs.

Ad budget planning (min. $200)

You should not be left alone and confused determining how to budget for your ad of choice. You can trust that your agent will discuss how making changes could impact your clicks in good ways and in bad ones.

Competitive bid strategies

It is time to say goodbye to money down the drain. Your agent can help you figure out how much to pay per click based on your keywords. Instead of going after the same thing all your competitors are, they will guide you to something that better fits your repair shop’s goals.

Pay per click only

When customers click, that means they are ready to decide. We believe that you should only have to pay when a customer clicks on your ad and commits to your services. Trust us, this will save you hundreds in the long run.

Ad ROI and analytics tracking

You should always know exactly what kind of money is leaving your bank account. With Mitchell1’s Google Ads service, you can do just that and easily see how much your repair shop is bringing in based on your marketing costs.

Dedicated agent support

We are here for you. That is why you can call an agent when you need help with your reports and count on them. Your agent will discuss results, ideas, and send out email blasts on your behalf. We got your back.

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If you see the “AD” image in a Google search, that means they are paying per click.

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Your shop can earn a complimentary month (up to $169 value) toward your monthly subscription for each shop you refer to Your Local Mitchell 1 Rep. It is our way of saying “thanks” for spreading the good word about our products.

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