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Truck Estimate Guide

Stop guessing and stop losing profits when it comes to estimating your labor for your heavy-duty truck repair service. Look up the truck and then

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Truck Printing

Don’t skip this important step of printing the repair information. It will save you a lot of time and paper when you print only the

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Truck Trouble Code

Curious what to do after you find the trouble code? This section of truck series will give you the detailed repair information you need for

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Intro To Truck Series

This first video will show you how to navigate Mitchell1’s truck repair information. You can find information for Autocar, Blue Bird, Caterpillar, Chevrolet, Ford, Freightliner,

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Printing in Prodemand

An easy way to save time during diagnostic and repair is to print only what your technician needs. This video will show you some features you probably didn’t

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Quick Menu

For shops that use canned jobs, the “Right-Click” function is going to save you a bunch of time. Follow the steps below and see how

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Text Campaigns

Supercharge your marketing strategy with text message campaigns This feature will help improve your shop’s marketing success by giving you the power to create personalized

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If you are tired of the all the problems that come with using your paper calendar to manage your auto repair shop, then this video

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End of Day Reports

Simplify your end of day by reporting with a few clicks. If your auto repair shop has been selecting each report, then changing the date,

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Profit Snapshot

Knowing your profit on each repair order will help you keep your auto repair shop profits high. To ensure it works properly, you will need

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Canned Jobs

Canned jobs is a great way to make estimates and invoices with just a few clicks. The combination of parts, labor, notes, and sublet allow

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Propack is a great software add on to your Manager SE system. This system will help you automate rescheduling appointments, print the lube sticker, and

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Invoice Process

As a new user to Manager SE, it’s important that you learn some common needs from it. The first video you will want to start

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Adding A Workstation

If your auto repair shop is experiencing any of the following, then adding a workstation will solve them. – Waiting for someone to finish working

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Selling your business?

If you’re thinking of selling your business, you’ll want to know the best practices regarding your Mitchell1 Subscription. 1st step is to reach out to

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Billable Hours

Shops that need to determine how to track billable hours vs actual hours are in a tough spot. The Manager SE software will show you

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Accounting Link

Automotive repair shops that need to get their Manager SE information into QuickBooks can subscribe to accounting link. Accounting link will help you get your

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Text To Pay!

Making it easy for your customers to do business with you is important. A feature that you may already have the ability to use is

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Top 10 Lists

Shops who need to find the answer to their problem quickly like our top 10 lists. In addition, you can see commonly replaced parts that

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Wiring Diagrams

When you have a wiring diagram open and select an item, it will highlight all the wires connected to it… ACROSS all the pages. You

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Accounting Link Integration

Accounting Link is an auditing tool that connects your computer-based accounting program to your Manager™SE system for quick, easy transfer of accounting data. The result?

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No one likes to deal with inventory. It’s often brought up and often overlooked. You may have THOUSANDS of dollars sitting in your shop and

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A customer walks in your shop and says my AC wont blow cold… no joke here. You face symptoms like this ever day. With Manager

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Schedule Work

I often hear that using a paper calendar is easier and faster for shops. I also hear… that they have a hard time reading their

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With Manager SE you can print reports to run your shop. Reports for taxes, hazmat, sales totals, daily ROs, technician rates and many more. Watch

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