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What is a digital inspection?

The main idea here is that, in general, the vast majority of people prefer to use digital media and digital tools since they can save time, money, and paper in the process.

When we consider the field of auto maintenance in particular, we see that there are even more options to go paperless beyond simple receipts.

It could appear like a more professional method to show work to consumers if the estimates are printed out. However, the issue is that paper estimates do not actually demonstrate to drivers what is wrong with their automobiles.

Even if there is a paper inspection associated with the transaction, your customers still need to have faith that what is written or checked off is correct.

When you deliver your customers a paper inspection, they are left to try to understand the handwriting on a thin sheet of paper that most likely has an oily feel to it (thanks to the technician using his greasy hands on it).

What is the result?

In the worst case scenario, customers will take their vehicles to a different auto repair shop to get a second opinion on the work that has been done.

Digital vehicle inspections not only save time and paper, but they also foster trust between businesses and their customers and improve the whole experience for those customers. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that they help sell larger fixes and boost client loyalty.

What exactly is meant by the term “digital vehicle inspection,” though?

During the course of an inspection, technicians might take photos and videos to document any work that is being performed and to provide clients with evidence that the problem has been fixed.

Using this strategy, shops are able to provide consumers with a clear visual of the work that has to be done on their vehicles.

A quality control check list is compiled.

The technician is going to compile a checklist of everything that will be looked at during the inspection. This could involve basic duties like checking the oil, brake fluid, and suspension, or it could include more complex tasks like running engine diagnostics or aligning the wheels.

There is the creation of a repair order.

Then, a repair order is generated for the automobile in question using the appropriate parts. The most fundamental details, such as the customer’s name, the brand and model of the automobile, and their phone number, are entered here.

The inspection is documented utilizing a variety of different mediums.

The findings of the inspection are documented by the technician using the app, which allows for the taking of images and videos. They may, for instance, record a video of a malfunctioning tail light or capture a photo of a worn-out air filter to demonstrate the problem.

There are three different colors that can be used to indicate the status of the vehicle: green, yellow, and red. When everything is green, it means everything is fine, when it’s yellow, it means there’s a minor problem, and when it’s red, it means a portion needs immediate care.

A report on the inspection is compiled and then delivered to the client.

Last but not least, the technician can easily generate an inspection report with only a few mouse clicks. This report provides the customer with a summary of all the findings that were discovered during the inspection.

You also have the ability to check the inspection history for the car using this menu. When accompanied by the appropriate media, digital vehicle inspection could make it possible for you to look at the repair history of a car and detect something that in any other circumstance would not have been discovered.

Do you want to try out our Digital Vehicle Inspection program for yourself and see how it works?

Our design is user-friendly and packed with features that will make the operation of every facet of your company function more efficiently.

We are certain that you will find it to your liking. With digital vehicle inspections, you can provide your clients with the sense of security they should have. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to get started!

Photos create a higher level of transparency for auto repair shops, which helps to boost the level of confidence that customers have in the business. Customers are also able to view vehicle-related concerns from the comfort of their own homes, offices, or any other location of their choosing thanks to the fact that images of the vehicle’s condition are promptly texted or emailed to them. It’s almost the same as going to the store in person.

They will be properly educated about the state of their car once they have gone over the inspection, and they will be more inclined to provide their approval for additional maintenance the following time.

Moreover, it has been shown that customers who are able to see for themselves what repairs are needed are much more likely to provide their approval for the recommended fixes. In certain cases, we have witnessed customers giving their permission by text message sent from their mobile device within one minute.

When the consumer is given more control over the purchasing process, there is less pressure on the service advisor to make a sale.

Why it is imperative that you use DVI

Consumers’ mistrust in the automotive repair industry has been an ongoing problem for years. It is possible to have the impression that you are being taken advantage of when you are unfamiliar with the inner workings of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, this may have been the case for some vehicle owners. Consumer distrust and skepticism can be eradicated with the use of digital vehicle inspections, which detail precisely what is wrong with a vehicle and exactly how it will be fixed.

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