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Mitchell 1’s Active Recalls Feature in Manager SE

Mitchell 1 has introduced an innovative feature in their Manager SE shop management software called Active Recalls, distinguishing itself as a pioneering solution in the automotive industry. This feature is designed to alert users to recall notifications for a vast majority of vehicles sold in the United States, making it simpler for automotive repair shops to identify and manage recalls for their customers’ vehicles. With the recent expansion to include all vehicle makes, Manager SE has further solidified its position as a leading tool in the automotive repair sector, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

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The Active Recalls feature not only enables shops to easily spot active recalls but also allows them to communicate this information to their customers in both printed and electronic formats. This functionality enhances the transparency between the shop and its customers, boosting the shop’s credibility and reinforcing the customers’ confidence in their choice of service provider. Furthermore, the option for shops to handle recall-related dealership visits on behalf of their customers elevates the level of customer service, positioning these shops as trusted partners in vehicle maintenance.

Incorporating Active Recalls into the Manager SE software streamlines the recall management process. Service advisors can quickly access recall information by vehicle identification number (VIN) from the Order screen, with the system automatically highlighting any outstanding recalls. The details of these recalls can be easily shared with customers or noted on their invoices, ensuring clear communication and documentation. The recall information is kept up-to-date automatically, with the OEM recalls database refresh occurring typically within two weeks, often in just a few days, ensuring that the shops and their customers have the latest information at their fingertips.

The expansion and integration of the Active Recalls feature into Manager SE, initially limited to a select few automotive brands but now available for all makes due to high demand and positive feedback, underline Mitchell 1’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. This development not only enhances the functionality of Manager SE but also reinforces its status as the preferred shop management system in today’s competitive automotive repair market.

Reach out to your local Mitchell1 rep to find out how we can help you get this feature in your shop today.

Thanks to Tim McDonnell for this video.

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