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Local Search

Your shop website is like a business card that tells the customer everything about your shop. Customers will visit your website to find out many things. Like location, services offered, makes you work on and more.

If you do not have a site that is Search Engine Optimized (SEO), then you are allowing customers who do not know about your shop to go to your competition.

how it helps

Puts your shop online so new customers find you.

You do not have to learn how to code, program, or type up content. When you add Local Search to your Mitchell1 subscription we handle everything from there. You will pick the layout you want, shop colors, send us a few images (if you want) and then we do the rest.

Professional website

Our professional websites will show case your company in the best way. Customers will quickly find your shop info and easily decide to visit your shop.

Increase Google reviews

Every customer you right and order for will get an automatic text message asking for a review. You will see your total reviews climb!

Analytics Dashboard

No more wondering when customers visit your website. You can see customers visiting and spending money with your shop.

Search Engine Optimized

Our websites are designed in a way to so you will show up in the rankings higher and sooner.

Phone call tracking

Since we track every call that is generated from your website, you will be able to see when new or existing customers call and how much they spent with your auto repair shop.

Dedicated support agent

Someone you can call when you need help with your reports and more. Your agent will discuss results, ideas, and send out email blasts for you.

Independent Sales Contractor (ISC) Make a Difference

we work together to find the best solution

a Complete Marketing Package
Bring them in and bring them back

Automated Text & Email Marketing



Search Engine Optimized Website



Pay Per Click



Website Layout Options.

If you see the “AD” image in a Google search, that means they are paying per click.

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