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Reasons To Text Your Customers

Text messages are not only read, but they also save time and customers prefer them to a phone call. If you text your customers, you’ll find the text message alone solves a problem and assists the customer with their issue much faster. If you want to leverage the power of text marketing and text message automation, here are a few reasons.

Customers Are Like You

You have a cell phone for all the same reasons your customers have a cell phone. Let’s look at the reasons you should start texting your customers. Also, lets see how to do it without using your personal cell phone or paying for an additional business line.

Nearly All Text Messages Are Read

If a customer thinks you are a telemarketer, they might not answer your call or listen to the voicemail for hours! In the meantime, you block a rack or you have to push the car out just to bring it back in. Since nearly all text messages are read in minutes, your customer will get the message.

A Text Saves A Call And Resolves An Issue In Minutes

You can easily text your customer to get an answer. You may have found that their vehicle needs a service or repair. A text will get the fastest response. Allowing you to order the parts faster, which leads to open bays for more cars.

Customers Prefer A Text To Save Time

Your customers are busy too. They would prefer simple statements be resolved with a text message. When the message is an appointment reminder, a call back request, or notifying them their vehicle is ready a text is the way to go.

How Do I Add Texting?

While your Local Mitchell1 Rep can help you determine which is the right way to go, here are some options.

Comparing the differences between message center and propack and social crm

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