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Recommendations & Revisions

Recommendations and revisions are a vital for any shop looking to keep their customers happy, productivity up, and increase profits.

When you learn the difference and how each one can increase your auto repair shop profits, you will continue to use them on each customer.

When you combine the tips you will learn in this video with Social CRM, your customers will receive email and text reminders that will bring them back to your shop more often; saving you value advertising dollars.

Recommendation & Revision Video

To Create a Recommendation

  1. Under the vehicle tab, you will hit “add” on the right side
  2. Choose the date that work is recommended to be done
  3. Choose category
  4. Type your note
    1. Create a standard note (much faster than typing one)
    2. This note is sent exactly as is to the customer if you have Social CRM
  5. Hit “ok”

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