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Can digital vehicle inspection improve your customers’ auto repair experience?

An example of a typical situation involving car inspections using paper forms

The customer brings the car in for service and discusses the problems with the service advisor. This representative shares this information with the technician who does the necessary inspections and explains the remedies on paper.

This piece of paper is then given to the agent, who either personally delivers the information to the consumer by strolling over to them in the waiting area or delivers it over the phone.

Before the customer gives their go-ahead for the repairs to be done, they have the option of requesting additional information and a breakdown of the costs involved so that they can make an informed decision.

After compiling the extra information provided by the technician, the representative will then construct a price estimate for the repairs, which will be presented to the client for their approval.

1. Full transparency is directly correlated to increased levels of trust.

Since digital vehicle inspection has become more commonplace, auto repair shops are now able to provide their customers with digital records of the work they have performed on their vehicles.

This enables customers to more easily keep track of the maintenance and repairs performed on their vehicles. This can be beneficial to customer service since it will give them the impression that you care about them and want to be upfront with them by providing them with an in-depth digital record of the work that was done to fix their vehicles.

2. Reduced needless time investment on the part of customers and repair businesses.

Your customers can take advantage of a variety of perks with a digital assessment of their vehicles.

One advantage is that the process is completed in a shorter amount of time, which suggests that digital vehicle inspections may be more productive than their analogue counterparts.

Because of this efficiency, there is no longer a need to pay an additional employee or two just for the purpose of making paper records and filling out reports, which in turn leads to cheaper expenses for each individual customer.

3. Sales can be increased with the use of video inspections.

Digital inspections are a wonderful approach to assist sales. Your company could benefit from using a digital vehicle inspection as a technique for digital marketing, which would bring in more leads and consumers.

The digital examination of vehicles is also beneficial to customer relations since it enables you to provide customers with video reports that demonstrate that the work you performed on their vehicles was done correctly.

This process includes gathering detailed information about the systems of the vehicles, which not only enables mechanics to diagnose issues more quickly than in the past but also provides greater peace of mind for customers who are seeking more transparency over the auto repairs that are being performed on their vehicles.

How can DVI differentiate your shop?

When it comes to marketing your auto repair shop, the implementation of DVI technology can help position your business as highly educated and competent by allowing you to use the most cutting-edge equipment available to maintain and repair your customers’ vehicles.

It is possible that it is the single most effective technique at your disposal for developing and establishing your shop as trustworthy.

Photographs that can always be relied upon.

When customers are able to view their finished inspection in the form of a collection of images and videos, it will significantly boost their confidence in the work that your shop is performing to assist them. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Jotting down information becomes swifter.

The smoother the flow of business is, the sooner customers are greeted as soon as they arrive into the parking lot.

By immediately noting their contact information, vehicle information, mileage, and issue, we eliminate the possibility of making a mistake.

Email and text message convenience for the customer.

These days, everyone has their phone permanently attached to their side. It is impossible to overstate how simple it is to deliver a finished inspection report directly to a customer’s email and/or cell phone.

It makes it possible to view it in the here and now as well as in the future with no trouble at all.

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