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Running a successful automotive repair shop

Owning and operating a prosperous auto repair shop is the goal of many people who are passionate about cars all around the world. Car repair is a hobby for a lot of people, and as a direct consequence, a lot of firms established themselves because of this hobby.

The difficulty of owning and operating a shop is something that a lot of new business owners rapidly learn. The owners are frequently confronted with a plethora of issues that they had not even considered before. 

When all of these issues come up at once, it can put a strain on the shop very rapidly.

The vast majority of brand-new companies actually fail within their first year of operation. Because of this, you need to rapidly recognize these issues and get to work on finding solutions to them. 

This short article will show you some frequent problems and provide some creative ways to help you address them.

Customer distrust

This is by far the most widespread issue confronted by retail establishments of all sizes, ages, and generations. Customers who get their vehicles serviced at an auto shop may not have full trust in the shop.

While it’s typically the issue of how the customer was treated at a different shop, you still need to deal with it when they visit your shop.

As a solution to this issue, an increasing number of service centers are switching from traditional pen and paper inspections to digital ones and this process is known as digital inspection. 

There are a variety of reasons why shops are doing this, but improved contact with customers stands out as the most important one. 

Technicians are able to take images and videos of problem areas during digital inspections performed through the digital inspection, those can be included in the report that is delivered to customers.

When clients are able to see with their own eyes what is wrong with their vehicle, the average repair order value increases.

Communication within the store

This is a challenge that confronts businesses in general, and auto servicing is not an exception to this rule. You’ll be able to verify that everyone on your team is on the same page by using digital inspections. 

You can easily amend the status of a vehicle by just clicking a button, at which point the entire team is notified of the change. Are you still awaiting parts? Once they are prepared, you will be able to send out a notification, and the technicians will immediately go to work. 

The illegibility of handwriting is a significant barriers to effective communication in your shop. Everyone is aware of the fact that one technician’s handwriting resembles that of a physician. 

It is quite difficult to make out the recommendations or inspection findings, regardless of how hard you try to squint. Since this occurs, a lot of effort is wasted asking the technician who was responsible for writing the report.

Because digital inspections are carried out only via tablets or smartphones, the issue of illegibility is no longer an issue.


The productivity of workers is another issue that frequently arises for companies. Thankfully there are certain software’s through which you can truly measure how productive your technicians are. 

Through the use of such software, users are able to measure a variety of metrics, including the number of customer reports, total vehicle inspections, and tickets that are produced each day. 

This allows shop owners to monitor the success of their team members as well as the general productivity of their shop, which is beneficial to both the shop’s efficiency and its relationships with its customers.

Staying put while pending approval

Now that you’ve completed the inspection of a customer’s vehicle, it’s time to play the dreaded waiting game… How much time will it take before you can start actually working on their vehicles? 

Will work even get approved? 

Such questions have the potential to make you quite frustrated.

The good news is that you can get approvals quicker when you use digital inspections. 

You can text these comprehensive inspection reports directly to your customers’ smartphones using our function that allows for two-way text communication.

They will be able to view everything that your technician observed while working on their vehicle. In addition to this, they will be able to give their approval for work. No more wasting time waiting around for voicemails that are irritating or ambiguous.


Digital Vehicle Inspections Make the Process Easy & Effective 

Paper inspection reports for vehicles are something that is going to get obsolete with time.

The dread of spending an inordinate amount of time at the auto repair shop waiting for the inspection of our vehicle is something that all of us are familiar with and share. 

That is exactly why the transition from paper to digital in the automotive repair sector has been such a significant game changer. Take our word for it when we affirm that this will benefit both your shop and your customers.

Customers will no longer have to face the challenge of deciding which auto repair company to rely on for reliable solutions to the issues they are experiencing with their vehicles. And the best part? Time is saved and trust is enhanced thanks to the digital examination process that we use.

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