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Tips To Make The Checkout Process Faster

Now is a good time to improve the customer check out process in your auto repair shop. A few ways you can improve the checkout process is with electronic signature capture, get payment before the customer arrives, and bypassing the print screen, text through the computer, W.I.P screen tips, and online ordering.

Capture Signatures Electronically

Your auto repair shop can easily capture the customer’s signature electronically. Using the Mobile Manager Tablets (from Bolt On) you could have the customer sign for the estimate or invoice in the parking lot. Then when you choose to print the invoice, the signature will appear on the bottom. Another option is to integrate 1st Mile into your checkout process. With 1st Mile, you easily send the total amount due to the capture device, then the customer inserts their card, pays, and signs all on the capture device. Integrating the capture device will eliminate your need to print and staple the credit card receipt to invoices. Although, customers who pay before they arrive will save you more time.

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Streamline Payments with Text To Pay

With 1st Mile’s text-to-pay option, you can capture payment and signatures from customers before they even arrive at your auto repair shop. This feature saves time by allowing customers to walk in, grab their keys and invoice, and leave quickly and easily.

Here’s how it works:

  • Customers receive a text to make a payment and provide their signature electronically before coming to your shop.
  • You’ll receive the payment notice and signature before the customer arrives.

Additionally, if a customer needs extended financing for a repair they can’t fully afford immediately, you can still proceed with the repair. The extended financing option, available through 1st Mile, ensures you get paid while offering your customers flexibility.

This efficient process not only saves time but also improves customer satisfaction.

Bypass The Print Screen, By Printing 2 Copies

Did you know you can streamline your invoicing process by printing two copies of your invoice directly to the printer? By bypassing the preview screen, you can save valuable time in your shop.

Here’s how it works:

  • Print Directly: Set your system to print two copies of each invoice directly to the printer, skipping the preview screen.
  • Optional Preview: If you prefer to preview the invoice before printing, don’t worry—you can still do that when needed.

This simple adjustment can make your invoicing process quicker and more efficient. For detailed instructions on how to bypass the print preview screen, check out How To Bypass The Annoying Print Screen.

Text Through The Computer

Customers prefer receiving a quick text when their vehicle is ready or to inform them about any issues with it. While making a phone call for a simple message might be your usual practice, it can slow down your shop’s efficiency. You might consider adding another phone line to your bill or texting from your personal cell phone. However, instead of using your personal phone to send text messages, you can utilize Propack or Message Center.

W.I.P Screen Tips and Online Ordering

You can find a few more ways to speed up your process by checking out Work In Progress Tip1, Work in Progress Tip 2, if your are not now, start using online ordering for quotes and to order parts.

Contact Your Local Mitchell1 Rep

If you’re not using any of the solutions mentioned above, you can reach out to your local Mitchell1 representative. They will be happy to discuss these options and help you get started if you choose to.

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