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4 Ways To Record A Customer Approval

When you work with your customer, it’s important to document what they agree to and when. It’s one of the reasons shops will switch from paper to computer; they keep better records this way.

After their initial signature, here are 4 ways you can document a customer’s approval.

Use The Revision Tab

The revision tab is commonly overlooked by shops. I have been told it makes the process more complicated or their customers just approve everything anyway.

Either way, when you add unapproved work to the revision tab, you can then “sell revision” and this will open a pop-up box asking you for information.

Revision Tab Video

As you can see in the image below, when you click “sell revision” this screen pops up, allowing you to document the approval in detail.

Manager SE revision approval screen shot showing the information recorded.

An added bonus to using the revision tab: If and when a customer declines some work, it will be there when they return. Then you can simply remind them of it. Along with customer satisfaction, you’ll see your sales increase.

Text Message

While I’m not covering the messaging needed, you can still use a text message conversation to document the approval. Since a phone call can end in “he said, she said” your text message shows what took place.

Shops have told me they will send a text message following every phone call approval just restating what the customer agreed to. This way a customer can respond if they think there is something different.

Some use their shop cell phone, but more and more shops are adding texting to their management system.

If you already have Message Center or Propack, then you can start this right away. To learn more, call your Mitchell1 rep or visit the Texting Options page.

1st Mile

1st Mile integrates with Manager Se to make the check-out process quicker and help your customers with extended financing. There is also a feature that allows you to send a customer the estimate for signature approval. Within the system, you can text your customer a link, then they can click it and pay from their phone.


Lastly, you could send a customer an email with the estimate attached*. Then when a customer replies with an approval you’ll have it in your inbox. Just a side note though, I have received calls from customers who can’t find their email from a customer wanting to know if I can help. So this option isn’t always the greatest when it comes to finding documentation months later.

*You’ll need to connect to an email program like Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook for your emails to send.

Closing Comments

These are a few ways to document approvals from your customer. If you have questions about the wording needed, you’ll want to consult a professional. If you have questions on any of the above options, you can reach out to your local Mitchell1 rep.

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